The New Nega Newgrounds Creed (NNNGC)

2009-11-13 19:08:55 by WHEEEEEEEEE123

For those of you that still have some of the fight left in you, thank you. Let's regather our numbers, prove that nothing holds down our spirit, and make Newgrounds a better place!

"We are not above one, but we are not below one. We are all equal on Newgrounds. Those who are new are not less. We shall treat them with respect. Those who are trolls have lost their way, they shall be ignored. Those who join us are welcome."

Again, thank you old members who come back and new ones who join.

Further Instructions:
This is me.

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2009-11-13 18:44:17 by WHEEEEEEEEE123

Hey guys, long time no see. And I mean REALLY long. How is everybody, if there is any change in rules since 2 years ago you guys would be great to let me know. Anyway, yeah, I'm back.

So...wait...let me make sure I have this right. Let's start with the obvious. Newgrounds, wishing to be unblocked from China, completely changed their website in order to make China happy? What? Only to be re-blocked. Haha. Newgrounds has shown weakness by bending to communists. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

Next. Nega Newgrounds is gone. This succeeds in doing only one thing. Making me angry. Not at Pixellator. (he may have a different name but he'll always be pixellator to me) He tried as hard as he could to keep it alive. I'm a little peeved at Hardy13 for giving up so quickly, but most of all, I'm angry at the ordinary members for not banding together to keep it up while I was gone. I guess I was wrong in my thinking that NNG could do fine without me.

You may have noticed that I have not sworn a single time this entire post. That's because this site had a negative effect on me, and being away from it has helped me in becoming a better person. This site is evil. That's something we have tried to change in the form of NNG, but ultimately we failed. Noone can stop the idiots that now run this site. (Not the admins, however their inability to act only compounds the problem). I guess the point of this was to express disbelief over how quickly both NG and NNG have deteriorated.


2008-08-09 13:26:29 by WHEEEEEEEEE123

This is a very hard decision to make but I am leaving Newgrounds. Forever. Hardy13 and Pixellator will co-lead Nega Newgrounds. Goodbye everyone and see you all in hell.

This one is gonna be about Nega Newgrounds. It's called We Are and it's gonna own. btw, A new member has joined. I think his name is Supery9 I'll have to check. I'm out.

So I'm writing a song..

2008-07-19 02:10:50 by WHEEEEEEEEE123

It's called He said/ She said and it's about me and my last girlfriend. I got the first verse and chorus done.

You tore my heart out through and through
and yet I still wish to be back with you
but I feel powerless Nothin' I can do
in the monumental task of swaying you
To this day I don't know why it ended
But for now I guess I can keep pretendin'
I don't want you back
but as a matter of fact
The thought of you is drivin' me crazy

I see you smile at me and it brings me hope
Cause at this point I just don't think I can cope

He said, She said, I've had it with this crazy game
He said, She said, it's time we go our separate ways
He says he doesn't miss her at all and
She says she's the one who took the fall
He said, She said, it's just a classic love story

My band's name is SubAtomic. Don't judge this song to hard, I wrote it at two in the morning. I have some better ones if you want me to post them later

NNG Members List

2008-07-18 09:14:12 by WHEEEEEEEEE123

This is completely for my benefit

Solid Members (members who I know are in NNG and are in good standing with me)


Shaky members (the ones who are in the doghouse)

Not Sure (if they are still in NNG or not)
F3ARL321FRL (I paraphrased his name I have it in my contacts and will edit it later)


2008-07-14 02:00:21 by WHEEEEEEEEE123

I'm listening to Jonas Brothers. Big deal Right? There on MTV all the time. But why am I mad! I LIKE THE SONG! I'm saying it right now. The Jonas Brothers finally did something cool. GOD I HATE MYSELF FOR SAYING THAT!!!

/* */
God I hate myself for this. I must relieve your pain with good music

/* */
There. P.O.D. owns.

Apparently there is a rule saying I have to have batting average and other stuff I don't have. So I Pm'd Wade Fulp for special permission to continue with the collab so just contribute dumbass! Here is a link to help if you can't draw or other crappy excuses.

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