So I'm writing a song..

2008-07-19 02:10:50 by WHEEEEEEEEE123

It's called He said/ She said and it's about me and my last girlfriend. I got the first verse and chorus done.

You tore my heart out through and through
and yet I still wish to be back with you
but I feel powerless Nothin' I can do
in the monumental task of swaying you
To this day I don't know why it ended
But for now I guess I can keep pretendin'
I don't want you back
but as a matter of fact
The thought of you is drivin' me crazy

I see you smile at me and it brings me hope
Cause at this point I just don't think I can cope

He said, She said, I've had it with this crazy game
He said, She said, it's time we go our separate ways
He says he doesn't miss her at all and
She says she's the one who took the fall
He said, She said, it's just a classic love story

My band's name is SubAtomic. Don't judge this song to hard, I wrote it at two in the morning. I have some better ones if you want me to post them later


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2008-07-19 17:27:59

If i leave 1 comment Wheebot owes me 30 bucks. Ow wait I left a comment, i win.


2008-07-19 17:28:15

Good song dude.

WHEEEEEEEEE123 responds:



2008-07-19 17:28:42

This is about Cameron right???

WHEEEEEEEEE123 responds:



2008-07-21 11:31:06

Holy f***ing wow, what instruments are in your band and whatnot? Guitar? Drums? I don't even know if this is a rock or metal band...

WHEEEEEEEEE123 responds:

standard rock band. As my dad would say we are a noise pollution band.