Entry #9

The New Nega Newgrounds Creed (NNNGC)

2009-11-13 19:08:55 by WHEEEEEEEEE123

For those of you that still have some of the fight left in you, thank you. Let's regather our numbers, prove that nothing holds down our spirit, and make Newgrounds a better place!

"We are not above one, but we are not below one. We are all equal on Newgrounds. Those who are new are not less. We shall treat them with respect. Those who are trolls have lost their way, they shall be ignored. Those who join us are welcome."

Again, thank you old members who come back and new ones who join.

Further Instructions:
This is me.


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2009-11-13 20:04:04

Any chance that I can come back. You know that I would love to. Please?

WHEEEEEEEEE123 responds:

Well if you say please, I'm surprised you were even here.


2010-01-01 21:55:09

im back!