2008-07-14 02:00:21 by WHEEEEEEEEE123

I'm listening to Jonas Brothers. Big deal Right? There on MTV all the time. But why am I mad! I LIKE THE SONG! I'm saying it right now. The Jonas Brothers finally did something cool. GOD I HATE MYSELF FOR SAYING THAT!!!

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God I hate myself for this. I must relieve your pain with good music

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There. P.O.D. owns.


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2008-07-14 02:04:32

lolol jonas brothers

my mom is makin me go to their concert w/my cousin
but omg i actually like that song too

WHEEEEEEEEE123 responds:

tell me about it.


2008-07-14 14:50:12

Poison the page with Jonas Brothers, score 0 points--

--System rehabilitation---

Scanning cause: P.O.D.

End transmission.

WHEEEEEEEEE123 responds:

Not sure if I understand half of what was just said.


2008-07-15 12:09:59

A more understandable version:

You poisoned the page of a Jonas Brothers band. Though that song was...decent...the band is overall "crap". But then you bring the page back to life with Satellite by P.O.D.

So you win :D P.S. I am putting in my own part of Flash for the Tankmen collab.

WHEEEEEEEEE123 responds:

Indeed, no argument that they have been crap ever since they were bought by Disney. They have a lot of talent and potential and I hope for their sake they leave Disney so that potential can be realized. P.O.D. is the best though. I would have put Boom on the page but commercials have turned that song into a whore, so I put in Satellite, which is the next best song. Anyway, Viva la Revolucion! (quote from one of our highest ranking members PJEskoria) WHEEEEEEEEE123 signing off. (a quote from me)


2008-07-15 13:53:00

WoW we all have the same opinion. That song is decent. What i cant understand is that my sisters dont like it. Way too weird. P.O.D was they way to go to not completely destroy your homepage.

WHEEEEEEEEE123 responds:

Couldn't understand the last part but I agree...I guess.


2008-07-16 13:23:24

i hate TomFulp he is fucking gay asshole

WHEEEEEEEEE123 responds:



2008-07-16 16:49:49

Think about chain reactions:

If there were no cavemen, there would be no elder ancestors. without elder ancestors, there would be no normal ancestors, Wih no normal ancestors, there would be no family. Without family, there is no mother and father. Without mother and father, there is no Rob. Without Rob. Without Rob, there is no Video Embedding option. Without the Video Embedding option, the videos wouldn't exist on this post. There you have it. Chain reaction. Now where are my friggin' nachos?

WHEEEEEEEEE123 responds:

Beats me but I have another chain reaction, If there was no jesus, then Rolling Stones would not have released there " Sympathy for the Devil" If they had not released that, I would have never discovered how to play the guitar. If I hadn't learned that I would have never learned about Newgrounds. If I had never learned about Newgrounds, Pixellator would not be in any clubs and probably wouldn't have made any more flash after The Goofy Channel. By now you should have your nachos.


2008-07-17 21:32:29

The music video sucked, but that music video was decent. Thank you for putting P.O.D. after it

WHEEEEEEEEE123 responds:

your welcome.