My My My How the mighty have fallen

2009-04-06 16:35:59 by WHEEEEEEEEE123

So...wait...let me make sure I have this right. Let's start with the obvious. Newgrounds, wishing to be unblocked from China, completely changed their website in order to make China happy? What? Only to be re-blocked. Haha. Newgrounds has shown weakness by bending to communists. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

Next. Nega Newgrounds is gone. This succeeds in doing only one thing. Making me angry. Not at Pixellator. (he may have a different name but he'll always be pixellator to me) He tried as hard as he could to keep it alive. I'm a little peeved at Hardy13 for giving up so quickly, but most of all, I'm angry at the ordinary members for not banding together to keep it up while I was gone. I guess I was wrong in my thinking that NNG could do fine without me.

You may have noticed that I have not sworn a single time this entire post. That's because this site had a negative effect on me, and being away from it has helped me in becoming a better person. This site is evil. That's something we have tried to change in the form of NNG, but ultimately we failed. Noone can stop the idiots that now run this site. (Not the admins, however their inability to act only compounds the problem). I guess the point of this was to express disbelief over how quickly both NG and NNG have deteriorated.


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2009-04-06 16:49:49

Hey, hey, hey.....Pixellator left before me. Wut is ur problem. Never mind that. It was a cooperative effort to let NNG fall to the ground. That was something we both did, so screw u.


2009-04-06 17:03:28

The newgrounds china un-block,block was an april fools joke, its obvious that call th chinese govt and ask if they put things on their site that was AGAINST china it he chinese would be okay with it, it was obvious they were MOCKING chinese government what with the depiction of tianamen square on the website header. How is this website evil? Cleary its not the flash submission aspect (everything by everyone) but you could be talking about the BBS cause im never on it but i hear its fuked up. WTF is nega newgrounds

WHEEEEEEEEE123 responds:

Well I may be wrong about the china thing, ive been out of the loop for a while but mark my words, the site corrupts.


2009-07-19 12:43:06

NNG was falling while i was gone?